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KinesioActiv Physical Therapy provides specialized orthopedic care, that empowers you to stay healthy, happy and active!
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“Are you frustrated with neck and back pain that does not go away!  Is it affecting how you sleep, how often you can participate in your activities, or how well you can do your job?  Consider how the clinicians of KinesioActiv may help get you back to an active lifestyle”

Where Passion for Restoring Your Health Meets Excellence

McKenzie Method

Experience an active treatment philosophy that leads you on the road to recovery. Realize the potential of becoming a self-healer as you learn pain-reducing movement and posture principles that may save you time and money.

Manual Therapy

You can expect to receive generous manual therapy combined with corrective exercise to restore your function. Treatments will be designed specifically for your individual needs, to include dry needling interventions.

Dry Needling

You will have the opportunity to experience dry needling to help reduce pain, muscle tension-spasms and help break the pain cycle to reassume your desired activities.

SFMA Assessment

Are you interested to learn the cause of your pain patterns? Do you want to rid yourself of the pain and learn ways to minimize re-occurrence? Experience a detailed whole-body screen to gain insight how your body is currently functioning and learn how we can optimize a pain-free YOU!

Why should you choose KinesioActiv?

We passionately believe restoring and improving your ability to be active throughout your life is the key to your health and wellness! KinesioActiv’s mission is to provide highly engaged one-on-one physical therapy care, that focuses on you the client, to create an environment for the revival of your active lifestyle. Our focus is to establish a calming, private and professional environment where you can share your story and experiences that led you to seek our specialty services. Within our practice you will not feel rushed in the care you receive, as each session will be solely provided by your licensed practitioner with a minimum 50 minutes of dedicated one-on-one care. If you are intrigued how we may assist you to spend less time in the clinic and more time enjoying the passions of your life, feel free to contact us and we can discuss your unique needs!

Invest in yourself with a RISK FREE guarantee!

If you desire to learn the cause of your pain, and discover the steps we will take to restore your ability to recreate, work and enjoy an active lifestyle contact us today.  We are dedicated to educate members of our community how specialty physical therapy will help your individual needs.  Learn how we can partner with you to MINIMIZE taking pain medications, AVOID risky surgery and most importantly remain ACTIVE!

We would like to ensure your experience at KinesioActiv Physical Therapy meets your expectations and will make you a RISK FREE guarantee!  If for any reason during your initial visit you were not convinced you have chosen the right practice to entrust your care, KinesioActiv will incur the cost of your session.  This generous guarantee allows you to “test-run” an experience in our practice without fear of having to pay for care that may not benefit you.

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Tuesday – Friday

By Appointment
100 McFaul Way, Suite B-3
Zephyr Cove, NV 89448
*We are located inside Lake Tahoe Yoga (behind Safeway) 


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Warren Womack PT, DPT, OCS


Warren is a Physical Therapist, board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS) with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. Warren chose a career in physical therapy during his undergraduate studies, where he developed a passion to combine an active lifestyle with his desire to help others as a health care practitioner.

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